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Con Schedule

Capricon - Done!

C2E2 - Done!

Wizard World Chicago
(Aug 18-21)


Personal Stats:

What I'm Reading:
Swords and Ice Magic
(Fritz Leiber)

What I'm Playing:

Assassin's Creed Syndicate
The Lord of the Rings Online
World: Arkenstone
Chr: Ithildirien
Kin: Pipeweed & Ale

What I'm Watching:
Orphan Black Sn 2
Penny Dreadful Sn2


Welcome To
Twilight Tangents

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Who Is This BMAN You Speak Of?
BMAN is the terribly unclever pseudonym for me, Brian Babendererde, a computer and video game artist / writer / game designer that likes to occasionally delve into the realm of comics, animation and writing. 

I've been in the games field since 1991, working on a variety of games for various platforms.  However, if you recognize the name, its probably because you played my labor of love, SepterraCore: Legacy of the Creator, for the PC.

I created this site to give myself an outlet for other creative endeavors, outside of my work in the gaming industry.  I have a variety of projects that have been sitting on the shelf for far too long, from comics and illustration, to games and even short stories / novels.  Twilight Tangents is a place for these projects, and it got its name from the idea that most of the contents are outside of my "day job."

For the last few years I decided to focus some time on my art and comics, going back to my roots and exploring all of the things I have wanted to do, but never had the chance.  My first step was setting up pages of Galleries with a cross section of some of the work I have done over the course of my personal and professional career.  The second step was to begin a comics project called Soul Chaser Betty, which finished its run on Graphic Smash in 2004 with a six issue, 170+ page run.  A Betty collected Graphic Novel is currently available through my site and through Diamond and Haven comic distributors in North America.

So take a look at the contents of the Galleries, and if you like what you see, I hope you stick around to see what comes next.

LilMe_SmallGIF.gif (3678 bytes) Click the BIO button below for a list of games and other projects I have worked on.


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Unless otherwise specified, all contents are Copyright 2001-2012 Brian Babendererde, All Rights Reserved
SepterraCore: Legacy of the Creator and all characters and their likenesses are 1999 Valkyrie Studios, Inc, used with permission.