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Con Schedule

Capricon - Done!

C2E2 - Done!

Wizard World Chicago
(Aug 18-21)


Personal Stats:

What I'm Reading:
Swords and Ice Magic
(Fritz Leiber)

What I'm Playing:

Assassin's Creed Syndicate
The Lord of the Rings Online
World: Arkenstone
Chr: Ithildirien
Kin: Pipeweed & Ale

What I'm Watching:
Orphan Black Sn 2
Penny Dreadful Sn2


Twilight Tangents Store

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I've set up a few shops over at Cafe Press for shirts, mugs and buttons. 

Follow the links below to view the different shops!

You can also find links to each shop by clicking
"Learn More..." on the left hand side of each shop page!

Visit this shop for items based on "Betty's Back."
Visit this shop for items based on the cover image from the graphic novel.
Visit this shop for items based on the Betty Logo.

Some other color mini-buttons can be found here and here.

About Cafe Press:  I've created a site over at where you can order t-shirts and mugs with your favorite artwork emblazoned on the front.  Cafe Press has secure server transactions, a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and ships orders almost anywhere in the world.

Cafe Press will handle all transactions and any possible returns.  I have personally ordered several products to make sure the quality and service is high, and I was not disappointed.

If you'd like to open your own Cafe Press store,
give me a referral by using the link button!


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