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Links To Neat Places

If you would like a link Banner for TwilightTangents or Soul Chaser Betty for you're site, feel free to use either of these.   Please store them locally rather than link to them from my site's server!  And drop me a line if you want to exchange links.

(Looking for more Betty Link Graphics?  Go to my link page at WCN!)

Below you will find links to various places that are just damn cool.  Have fun.


DragonBlood Minis
Makers of fine gaming scale minis, some of which are based on my art.  Check them out.


BMAN / Soul Chaser Betty at WebComicsNation
WebComicsNation is part of the Modern Tales family.  Read the Soul Chaser Betty Graphic Novel!


BMAN at ComicSpace
My site on ComicSpace.  Like MySpace, only with comics.  Duh.


BMAN at MySpace    BMAN at Facebook
Stop by, make friends!

ps.gif (3841 bytes) Dynamanga
Good friend and fellow Chicago based creator Dirk I. Tiede's excellent comic work.   "American Manga Done Right."
flipside.gif (4345 bytes) Flipside Comics
Another book by a Chicago based creator.  Brion Foulke's book is now over 21 chapters and growing.  Check it out.

Fever Dream Studios
Another friend's comic site.  Check it out!
Tim Broderick
Another Chicago based cartoonist.  Tim has a series of great mystery-thrillers in graphic novel form.
Templar Arizona
Spike's book is incredibly popular.  Do I really need to link to it?
Kurt Mitchell
Kurt is an old friend and co worker.  Check his great galleries at Comicspace, especially Cannon Boy!

Graphic Smash
Soul Chaser Betty  originally ran on this site.  There's some other great books there as well.

Modern Tales
Support Independent Comics on the web!  Great series and quality work for a decent price.

A great site for hosting webcomics.  Check it out if you'd like to read some great comics, or if you're interested in posting your own.

Scott Mcloud
Comics historian and guru.  Scott created the acclaimed "Understanding Comics" and just can't stop thinking!  While I don't agree with all of his observations, 99% of it is damn good!

A collection of comics related news, previews and views.


The beautiful site of digital artist, and friend, Pete Mohrbacher. 

Official Frank Frazetta Art Gallery
The undisputed master of fantasy art.  Give it up for the MAN.

Amano's World
The fabulous Yoshitaka Amano, famous for his work on the Final Fantasy series, Vampire Hunter D and his interpretations of Elric.

The Art of David Wenzel
Famous for his Fantasy Illustrations of Dwarves, David also did a fantastic graphic novel version of JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit.

The Art of Justin Sweet
Sweet.  Go there.  Now.

A lot of artworks in different styles and media. Website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers to buy and sell their art.

Another Valkyrie alumn and my girlfriend. 

Zehner Brainer
A site run by Tom Zehner, a great guy I worked with on several games.  ZB is a forum and news source for Chicago based game developers and talent.


The series that started the Anime bug in many a youngster.  I swear, if someone is in their late 20's they probably worship this show!
The best place for news about Studio Ghibli and the grand master of Anime, Miyazaki.

Anime on DVD
Got a DVD player?  Like Anime?  'Nuff said.

The Anime Web Turnpike
Find any Anime series here.  They even list Septerra!


The One
Tons of information about JRR Tolkien, and especially the upcoming movies!

Wandering Star Books
At last, the original, un-abridged writings of Robert E Howard, illustrated by the master Gary Gianni in deluxe hardcovers!

Burroughs Bibliophiles
A collection of people dedicated to the master of adventure pulp - Edgar Rice Burroughs.


Dream Pod 9
These guys know how to do it right!  Home of Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, Tribe 8 and Gear Krieg.

Games Workshop
They will bleed your wallet dry, but damn they make some cool stuff.

R. Talsorian Games
Home of the classic Cyberpunk 2020 game, as well as the venerable Mekton.

Rakham Miniatures
Home of AT-43 - a damn fine sci-fi miniatures game.


Valkyrie Studios
The creator's of SepterraCore. 

Visual Storytelling
The Art of Visual Storytelling book by Tony Caputo, with some art and interviews by myself, about the creation of SepterraCore and Soul Chaser Betty, as well as other noted artists such as Scott Mcloud, Terry Moore and Jim Steranko.




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Unless otherwise specified, all contents are Copyright 2001-2012 Brian Babendererde, All Rights Reserved
SepterraCore: Legacy of the Creator and all characters and their likenesses are 1999 Valkyrie Studios, Inc, used with permission.