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Con Schedule

Capricon - Done!

C2E2 - Done!

Wizard World Chicago
(Aug 18-21)


Personal Stats:

What I'm Reading:
Swords and Ice Magic
(Fritz Leiber)

What I'm Playing:

Assassin's Creed Syndicate
The Lord of the Rings Online
World: Arkenstone
Chr: Ithildirien
Kin: Pipeweed & Ale

What I'm Watching:
Orphan Black Sn 2
Penny Dreadful Sn2


Art Galleries

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I've always been fascinated by comics, believing sequential art is a powerful medium for telling stories with fantastic visuals and imaginative plots.  I fell in love with European and Japanese comics early on, and they have influenced my work ever since.

Soul Chaser Betty
"An incredible tale full of humor,
 great writing, and an incredible
 artistic style.  Itís an engrossing
 read from start-to-finish."

- Aint-It-Cool-News.

The entire story has been collected into
a 176 page graphic novel as well! 
Find Out More!

Read it at Web Comics Nation:


The galleries below are links to samples of comic work I have previously done.


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Sample Penciled Page For A Book Project

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Disposable Heroes
My First Comic Work Circa 1993

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