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Twilight Tangents

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Brian is a 20 year veteran of the video game industry, having designed and written for such titles as Beavis and Butthead in Virtual Stupidity (Named one of the “Best 50 Games Ever Made” by PC Gamer), the cult classic Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator, and PSI-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy, which was named by Game Informer as one of the “25 Games That Defined The XBOX Experience.”

Brian Babendererde is also writer and artist, best known as the creator of the graphic novel Soul Chaser Betty.  Originally published as a webcomic, the book was a launch title for, a spin off of the popular Modern Tales website.  Betty appeared on the site through 2004, becoming one of its most popular series.  In 2007 Betty was collected into a “director’s cut” Graphic Novel.

Brian currently lives in the suburbs of Chicago, where he continues to work as a full time senior game designer at Spooky Cool Labs and freelance artist.  Both his game and comic work were featured in the book Visual Storytelling: The Art and Technique by Tony Caputo.

A few of the titles BMAN has been involved in are presented below. 

Published Works
In addition to the games and books below, Brian has also worked on quite a few interactive titles that are not listed here, including games for DS, GBA and PC.

Soul Chaser Betty
Black and White Graphic Novel
Writer / Artist / Creator

A graphic novel about teens fighting supernatural invasions from beyond the world we know...on their summer the awesome 1980s!

Betty came from a game idea that had fallen by the wayside.  It became an opportunity for me to get myself drawing, writing and thinking about stories in a wholly different medium than video games.

Available to read and purchase here.

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©2002 Midway Home Entertainment Inc.

The Mindgate Conspiracy
PS2 / XBOX -  2004
Scriptwriter / Scenario Designer
Midway Games

This is a title where I had the opportunity to work with some familiar faces from Septerra along with a whole new team as well.  I was brought in to help the team coalesce their ideas into a cohesive story and set of scenarios.  I went on to do the script writing, initial scenario design, and contribute to the overall gameplay design as well.  I had a lot of fun not only researching the various PSI related conspiracy theories  in the real world, but then constructing a world where not only are these theories true, they're all connected.

SepterraBox.jpg (37577 bytes)
© 1999 Valkyrie Studios, Inc.

Legacy of the Creator
PC CD-ROM - 1999
Lead Designer / Creator
Valkyrie Studios

This was the game I waited my whole career to create, and it was worth it.  I was blessed to lead an extremely talented team in putting together my vision of what a fantasy RPG could be.  I poured quite a bit of myself into this one, from the story, to the world, characters, game play and artistic style.  Septerra garnered raved reviews and ended up being a cult classic among those players looking for more creative games.


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©1995 Viacom International, Inc.


Beavis and Butthead
in Virtual Stupidity
PC CD-ROM - 1995
Lead Artist / Co-Designer
Viacom New Media

With a great team and a producer that kept the suits off our backs we were able to make an original adventure game that went on to win numerous awards (including PC Gamer's Adventure Game of the Year) and sell very well.   Beavis was also listed in PC Gamer's Top Fifty Games of All Time two years in a row (both at #24) and a third time in 2001 at #48.  In 2003 PC Gamer also named it the Funniest Game of All Time.

PhantomBox.jpg (30163 bytes)
©1995 Viacom International Inc.

Phantom 2040
- 1994
Lead Artist / Co-Designer
Viacom New Media

Originally this game was going to be Aeon Flux - a license I would have loved to design a game for.  But Viacom wanted us to get a Phantom game out ASAP.  Oh well, this was at least the first chance I had to really co-design a game that had some sci-fi elements to it - even if it starred a man in purple tights!  The game is bursting with giant robots, flying battleships, twisting story threads, rebel freedom fighters and alternate story endings. 



RockoBox.jpg (36090 bytes)
©1994 Viacom International, Inc.



Rocko's Modern Life:
Spunky's Dangerous Day
SNES - 1993
Background Lead Artist / Lead Designer
Viacom New Media

Part way through Daffy I was asked to also manage the background art on this game as well as design it, based on a concept by the producer.  Rocko was a side scrolling action puzzler that was really fun to work on.  I always run into people who really seem to love it.

DaffyDuckBox.jpg (32664 bytes)
©1993 Sunsoft

Daffy Duck:
The Marvin Missions
SNES - 1993
Artist / Designer
ICOM Simulations

Daffy was my first solo design.  That's not to say that the team as a whole didn't contribute to the design, but someone's gotta have the final word.  Back in those days a team could be as small as a programmer, a lead artist, one secondary artist and a producer! 

RoadRunnerBox.jpg (30496 bytes)
©1992 Sunsoft

Road Runner's
Death Valley Rally
SNES - 1992
Artist / Co-Designer
ICOM Simulations

This was really the first project that I worked on that really came together the way we imagined it.  Road Runner was a hit back in the day and I think it's because of the fun we had making it.  The love the team had for Chuck Jones' original cartoons comes through in the final product

CampCalBox.jpg (49066 bytes)
©1993 Icom Simulations, Inc


Camp California
Turbo16 CD-ROM - 1992
Artist / Co-Designer
ICOM Simulations

The Official Mascot of the Beach Boys!   Not exactly the most appropriate license for me to work on, but we got to design a side scrolling game with multiple characters and tons of levels. This game shipped on a CD, a first for many of us back then, and the extra room for storage was a huge leap from the old carts.


YoBroBox.jpg (53946 bytes)
©1991 Camp California, Inc.


Turbo16 - 1991
Artist / Co-Designer
ICOM Simulations

My first project.  I came into it after the initial design phase.  I set to work learning the ropes and what this thing called "anti-aliasing" was.   By the time the project was over I was heavily involved in balancing and further design.  We had a blast trying to squeeze as much as we could onto this Turbo Card!

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Unless otherwise specified, all contents are Copyright © 2001-2012 Brian Babendererde, All Rights Reserved
SepterraCore: Legacy of the Creator and all characters and their likenesses are © 1999 Valkyrie Studios, Inc, used with permission.